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Who I am

Its always nice to see who you are dealing with

Nick Kulkarni. MinstLM Dip.Comp(open) has run this family business since 2001 along with his wife Anna

Qualifications and Experience

I hold a Diploma in Computing from the Open University, City and Guilds in Electronic Servicing and have been “in Computing” since 1980!

In 1980 I began programming in BASIC on a Commodore Business Machine (two floppy drives and a green screen) and moved on to the Apple ][e. In the early 90’s my hobby became a serious career change and I took both C & G and Open University courses gaining distinction in City & Guilds and a Diploma with the Open University.

In 2000 I began working full time in computing and in 2001 opened this company. I started working on single computers and laptops using dial up modems and moved on to installing Servers, Clients, Network Storage, local and Wide area networks and WiFi.



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