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Business with two or more PCs

Need a proper network?


Is your network secured from attack?


PC support via phone and remote access as required

Going Up

Time for that file server with remote backup?

Initial set up

Have you bought a new laptop or PC

Need help ?

Printer need sharing on your wireless network? Not sure how?

Home Network

Want to stream music or share files?


Not as fast as you expected?

Work I have been involved in spans a very wide range: from looking after a single computer or laptop to Wide Area Networks (WAN) over Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for a large PLC client with over 200 computers and several servers.

I have provided first line technical support, remote access control and repair for both local Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and national Public Limited Companies (PLC).

I have installed and configured servers and networks both wired and wireless.


If it has a computer in it I probably do it.

Sit back and relax: you are in good hands.